I am hopelessly in love with music and dancing since childhood. After dancing styles like hip-hop, ballroom, latin, salsa, boogie-woogie, belly dance, ceroc, west coast swing and kizomba plus some years of salsa DJing and dance event organizing at the university, in 2013, I fell in love with Brazilian zouk! In my early years, I mainly learned from local teachers, but later I started to attend international weekenders and festivals to improve my zouk dancing. Since 2015, I organize zouk parties in Budapest, play as a zouk DJ, and organize workshops, weekenders and retreats. 🙂

I mix and blend many styles of zoukable music as I find the best thing about zouk that it is so universal, so musical, and can go so deep! It allows dancers to experience a huge variety of feelings, dynamics, and rhythms on the dancefloor and an amazingly high level of connection! As a DJ, I like to see dancers enjoying the moment, feeling each other, merging and becoming one with music in the here and the now!

I am a multitalented person, a “jack of all trades” if you like: I am creating and playing music, dancing, creating graphics, organizing dance events. I am also setting up my websites myself. In the last couple of years, I started to produce bootleg remixes, and released five albums so far: Echoes of LoveLove Is the AnswerEuphoria, Christmas Chrystals and Memories. I also happened to teach zouk musicality, and for more than a year, I had a weekly live show every Monday on I Heart Zouk Radio called The Beauty and the BeatZ. It was nice and fun to play in the IHZR team and gain many DJ friends! I am glad to share my passion for dancing, music and beauty with you and all the zoukers around the world!

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I am looking forward to meeting you somewhere in this beautiful World!
May zouk be with us all! 🙂

With all my Love! ❤️