This album has so many faces! It takes you to a journey and gives a little taste of everything in a harmonious way. It is full of songs close to my heart! I hardly can name any favourite. All elements are present in them: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and also Heart, like in Captain Planet. 🙂 I am sharing them with all my Love. ❤️


The first song ready for this album was the one giving the title of the album: Euphoria. I already loved it when it was the winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2012. For a while, I was looking for the right version to make it zoukable. It is an interesting one with quite some momentum! The second song was Jungle, which was honestly too catchy when I first heard it… 🙂 And sometimes my head is also a jungle. 😀 As Fire brings me the nostalgy of secondary school parties, In Your Eyes reminds me of an old platonic love story. Back then, He showed me a feeling video about himself gliding and this music was playing under the video. Loved it! Later, I discovered that zouk people will love it too. 🙂

Angel is a cinematic creation from an epic song with an angelic voice I heard in the tantric arts classes. Talking about cinema, I always loved Aladdin as a child. I also remind people of Jasmine. 🙂 And I love oriental music, belly dancing and arts as well. So this new version of Arabian Nights was a great discovery for me, and I was sooo enthusiastically creating from it! I felt the same when I found the epic oriental symphonic metal song, Dance. What? Might sound weird, but I made it zoukable. You will burn the dancefloor when dancing to it! After that, you can ask your partner to “Hold Me While You Wait” until you catch breath again. 🙂 Which song was a birthday present to a zouk dancer.

I still love spiritual music and the sound of the handpan. I wanted to include a song with a handpan, so I have chosen to zoukify Secret Kiss of the Sun and Moon. Another recent favorite is Vuela con el viento. Just love its vibes and lyrics! Back to the roots and finding our spirituality and unity on Earth. I feel the same for Blessed We Are, which I first heard and sang at the same time in the metro live in Vienna with my zouk friends and their guitar player friend while shaking a box of chewing gums to the rhythm. Last but not least, finally, I had the courage to touch the legendary Spirit Bird, which was a challenge to work with because of it is a live recording and has many tempo changes. Let the Bird take you to a spiritual journey. Enjoy the ride and let yourself feel the Euphoria! 😉

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I created a short preview of the album to listen here:

DJ Mesmes - Euphoria - Zoukable Remix Album Teaser

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Cover Art by Mesmes | Image by JillWellington from Pixabay