This album is special because it’s my first baby. 🙂 The story started with the handpan. That magical instrument I fell in love with on a summer yoga-consciousness festival. You can check back my first video on playing the handpan on Instagram. 🙂 At the very same festival, I was at the concert of Tribali. I really liked the vibe there, so I checked them out later. I found a song from them that sounded quite well zoukable: Echoes of Silence. I had the idea to mash-mash it up 🙂 with something else to make it even more interesting for dancing. That’s when I found Inside My Love from Delilah. A perfect match! 🙂

I felt excited during the process of creating one song from the two. Thus the avalanche started to roll. I tried, it sucked. I tried again, I dug deeper, then tried again, and so on, again and again… In the last two years, I remixed some former favorites and some new discoveries that woke up my excitement and the drive to transform them for the zouk dancefloor. And finally, the album has been born. The title was there from the beginning: Echoes of Love.

I am sharing these songs with all my love and passion. I am feeling very curious and excited about your feelings and feedback about them! Hope you will enjoy them! Please, feel free to write a recommendation or a direct message to me on my Facebook page. 🙂


I created a 12-minute preview of the album to listen here:

DJ Mesmes - Echoes of Love - Zoukable Remix Album Teaser

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Cover Art by Mesmes | Image by klimkin from Pixabay