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Memories – Album

My latest album is released! 🙂 This time, I collected some popular melodies that can sound familiar to you already. I aimed to transform them to be as zoukable as possible. I hope you will like them. Let me know… Continue Reading →

Christmas Crystals – Album

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all, zoukers around the globe! I created some remixes to bring a bit of festive mood to the zouk dancefloors. ❤️ Check out the songs in a youtube list here: How Can… Continue Reading →

Euphoria – Album

This album has so many faces! It takes you to a journey and gives a little taste of everything in a harmonious way. It is full of songs close to my heart! I hardly can name any favourite. All elements… Continue Reading →

My Top 50 Zoukable 2020

My Top 50 Zoukable songs discovered thoughout 2020 and mostly played in I Heart Zouk Radio. Thank you for the radio team for supporting each other! Enjoy the Beauty and the Beat Z! My Top 50 Zoukable songs discovered thoughout 2020… Continue Reading →

How to Record voice at Home with Your Smart Phone?

These days, more and more people need to record their voices for some purpose. For online lectures, podcasts, or a radio advertisement. Bad sound quality has the power to ruin your effort. So now I will give you some easy… Continue Reading →

Love Is the Answer – Album

The birth of this album was guided by light and love. Inspiration arrived to me in different forms. At some point, I just woke up with a song in my head out of the dark, into the light. Another time,… Continue Reading →

Echoes of Love – Album

This album is special because it’s my first baby. 🙂 The story started with the handpan. That magical instrument I fell in love with on a summer yoga-consciousness festival. You can check back my first video on playing the handpan on Instagram…. Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to my brand new website. So far there is not too much content, but hopefully I will have time to change this as time goes by. Until then check out my new remix album: Echoes of Love; my mixes on MixCloud, some of my remixes on YouTube, my Facebook Page or my Instagram. 😉 Enjoy the beauty and the beats!

Hugs! ❤️ 🙂


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